2012 Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Symposium

Cultural Soft Power: Policy, Practice and the Arts

When:      May 17th-May 18th
Where:    OSU Urban Arts Space
                50 W. Town St.
                Columbus, OH 

Arts and cultural exchanges are a key ingredient of cultural diplomacy and the exercise of soft power in international relations.  But the scope of the arts in international affairs extends beyond diplomacy and takes many forms in addition to cultural exchanges.   Today, globalization and technological developments have pushed and facilitated the ability and interest of virtually all countries to undertake a growing range of international cultural relations.  These include everything from diplomacy to cultural trade and creative industries to nation branding, developmental aid, and creative collaboration. The 2012 Barnett Symposium—Cultural Soft Power: Policy, Practice and the Arts— explores arts-related cultural policies and programs of a number of countries.  The symposium aims to improve our understanding of how the arts contribute to advancing the interests of nations, the relations between nations and their peoples, and the creative engagement of artists across cultures.  Presentations by arts managers, artists, cultural policy officials and cultural policy scholars will explore these issues drawing examples from countries and programs across the globe including the US, France, the UK, India, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and China.

Schedule of Events