Professor Wayne Lawson leads a group of graduate students studying Arts Policy and Administration on a recurring study trip to Santiago, Chile. The course is offered to graduate students interested in studying the differences and similarities between the cultural policies in Chile, an emerging Democracy, with those in the United States.  Post Pinochet Chile offers researchers an opportunity to study first hand how important cultural and educational policies are when a country such as Chile emerges from a military rule/dictatorship to become of the most stable and democratic countries in South America.  

In May of 2016, students had the opportunity to hear well known Chilean arts administrators and other educators talk about the changes currently taking place in Chile and how the United States plays a role in these changes.  Museum and gallery directors, theatre professors and other university professors lectured and interacted with the students for an in-depth review of contemporary Chilean culture and their view of the future in the areas of arts education public policy for the arts. Students also had the opportunity to meet the Ministers of Culture and Education as well as other Chilean governmental officials. In addition, U.S Embassy personnel gave our students an overview of how the United States operates in this very important country.

In addition to visiting and studying in Santiago, the group traveled to Isla Negra—the home of the famous poet Pablo Neruda and Valparaiso-- and participated in regional arts and culture and the beauty of the countryside. 

Professor Wayne Lawson led the group bringing his vast knowledge of the cultural life of Chile to this traveling classroom. He was the first American to receive a medal of arts from the Chilean government for his contributions of cultural exchanges between Ohio and Chile and for his work in bilateral cooperation.  Dr. Lawson spent over 18 years working with the Chileans---as recently as last year as well as during his tenure as director of the Ohio Arts Council for 28 years.  He has a vast array of contacts in Chile and has lectured at Catholic University as well as other institutions of higher learning. Dr. Lawson serves on the board of the Columbus Museum of Art; is vice-chairman of the board of Thurber House, a literary center; is a board member of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA; is the Chairman of the Alliance of Artists’ Communities headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

Daniela Muller, former representative for the Ohio Arts Council in Chile, handled the arrangements for the group while they were in Chile. Prior to her role with the Ohio Arts Council in Chile, Daniela worked in the cultural section at the U.S. Embassy for over 15 years. She is a former dancer and well respected in the arts field in Chile. She has made several visits to Ohio and most recently a panelist at the 2010 Barnett Symposium. She is married to photographer and performer Pedro Sanchez.