Art Education Specialization

The Art Education specialization is only available to students enrolled in the PhD program.

Completion of the specialization is recognized with a transcript designation on the OSU transcript. 

To earn a transcript designation, complete four courses from the list below in addition to dissertation research hours that involve the study of a question in art education.

Please remember to fill out an PDF icon Art Education Specialization Form.pdf to apply.


  • 7604 Teaching of Studio Activities
  • 7606 Technology and Digital Texts
  • 7607 Curriculum Development: Artmaking
  • 7640 Critical Dialogue about Contemporary Art and Visual Cultures
  • 7652 Computer Graphics and New Media in the Arts and Education
  • 7707 Action Research Theory and Practice
  • 7709 Arts-Based Education Research Approaches
  • 7716 Theories and Philosophies of Community Arts Education
  • 7731 Evaluation and Assessment in Arts Education
  • 7753 Information and Communication Technologies in Art Education
  • 7755 History, Politics and Practices of Visual Culture in Art Education
  • 7757 Identity, Desire, and Fantasy in Visual Culture Education
  • 7764 Investigating Material Culture
  • 7765 Critical Dialogue about Visual Culture and Contemporary Art
  • 7766 Exploring Practices of Meaning Making and Artmaking
  • 7767 Critical Analysis of Multicultural Art Education
  • 7775 Social and Cultural Theories in Art and Art Education
  • 7795 Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education
  • 7808 The Arts and Integrated Curriculum
  • 7831 Historical Research Approaches in Art Education
  • 7841 Philosophies of Art, Culture, and Pedagogy
  • 7842 Semiotics and Feminist Aesthetics
  • 7843 Writing for Publication
  • 7875 Social and Cultural Research Methods for Art Education

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