About the Online MA Program

Tuition and Fees

The top question all prospective students have, come check out our tuition and fees information in the prospective students section of this website.

Curriculum and Faculty

Our curriculum plan has been carefully crafted by our world-class faculty members. From core to electives, our courses meet the needs of modern Art Education students.

10 Things to Know About Ohio State’s Online MA in Art Education

  1. Our students teach art in many places, from community spaces to museums and K-12 classrooms, helping redefine what art education is and what art educators do.
  2. Learning online at Ohio State gives students the flexibility to work when and where it is convenient for them while not sacrificing quality and rigor of their degree program. 
  3. The same world-renowned professors teach online and on-campus students, giving online students the same access to their expertise and the newest ideas in the field of art education.  Doing the same is what makes us different.   
  4. Learning together with other art educators as a cohort for two years helps build a strong community of art educators from around the country and the world, and provides a strong network of support and learning.
  5. Our focus on critical thinking, contemporary artmaking, social dimensions of art and art education, and meaning-making will challenge your thinking and transform your artmaking and teaching practice.
  6. As an online student, you become part of The Ohio State University community.
  7. You learn where you teach. We draw from your experience, and therefore you put concepts and theories into practice immediately in your teaching spaces.
  8. A partnership with Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica, and opportunities to study abroad promote global relationships and expand art education beyond our borders.
  9. With a diverse faculty and the flexibility of an online learning environment, you can personalize your education to fit your interests, goals and life situation. 
  10. After two years in Ohio State’s Online Master of Arts in Art Education program, you will be a different art educator, affecting your students, making teaching fun again and advancing your career in new directions.