Joni Boyd Acuff, Associate Professor/Graduate Studies Chair (acuff.12@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Joni Boyd Acuff

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Curriculum Development
  • Critical Race Theory in Art Education
  • Critical Multicultural Art Education
  • Community Based Art Education, Pedagogy and Curriculum


Christine Ballengee MorrisChristine Ballengee Morris, Professor (morris.390@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise:

  • American Indian Studies
  • Visual Culture and Critical Race Theory
  • Integrated Curriculum

Clayton FunkClayton Funk, Senior Lecturer (funk.86@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise:

  • Histories of mass media, and mass communication particularly
  • Histories of social efficiency, eugenics and intelligence te
  • Web development and mapping of digital telecommunications an
  • Histories of wartime propaganda
  • Histories of vocational education and industrial arts in Ear

Karen Hutzel.Karen Hutzel, Associate Professor/Department Chair (hutzel.4@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise:

  • Art education in cities
  • Research and evaluative methodologies, particularly action r
  • Asset-based community development
  • Service learning and community arts
  • Collaborative pedagogies of inquiry and artmaking

Jennifer RichardsonJennifer Richardson, Associate Professor (richardson.865@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise:

  • Disability studies
  • Social and cultural theory
  • Gender studies
  • Digital storytelling

James Sanders, Associate Professor (sanders-iii.1@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise: James Sanders

  • Community arts organizations
  • Art and history museums
  • Institutional policy and practice
  • Film/media
  • Pedagogical teaching in grades K-16 school settings

Shari Savage, Associate Professor (savage.12@osu.edu)
Areas of Expertise:Shari Savage

  • Critical Analyses of Broadcast Media
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Pedagogy & Curriculum
  • Narrative Inquiry
  • Mentoring