Arts Management Major

Arts Management Major Handbook 2016-2017

Through the Arts Management major, students will study the issues, problems and policy interventions impacting the contemporary arts and cultural industries, develop business and managerial skills for professional decision making in arts and cultural organizations, and practice creative and critical thinking, opportunity recognition and entrepreneurship in various arts and cultural environments. Students will understand the professional role and responsibilities of successful creative individuals in contemporary society. The Arts Management major requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of course work offered in the departments of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, Management, Finance, and Accounting. All course prerequisites apply. 

Pre-Requisite Courses

Four courses (12 credit hours)

  • ECON 2001 Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUSMHR 2500 Entrepreneurship
  • MATH 1130 Mathematical Analysis for Business I
  • CS&E 1110 Introduction to Computing Technology

Core Courses: Business & Arts Management

Business: Three courses (9 credit hours)

  • ACCTMIS 2000 Foundations of Accounting
  • BUSFIN 3120 Foundations of Finance
  • BUSMHR 3510 New Venture Creation

Arts Policy & Management: Two courses (6 credit hours)

  • ARTEDUC 3680  Exploring the Creative Sector: Art Issues in the 21st Century
  • ARTEDUC 3681  Managing Arts Organizations: Balancing Stability & Change

Advanced Courses: Arts Policy & Management

Policy & Management: Choose six of the following courses (18 credit hours)

  • ARTEDUC 5682 Nonprofit Arts Institutions, Governance and Board Leadership
  • ARTEDUC 5683 Developing Arts Careers: Positioning Passion
  • ARTEDUC 5684 Arts Participation, Cultural Literacy, and Audience Development
  • ARTEDUC 5685 Arts/Cultural Organizations: Resource Management and Revenue Streams
  • ARTEDUC 5686 Cultural Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • ARTEDUC 5670 Public Policy Issues and the Arts
  • ARTEDUC 5671 Organizational Leadership in Nonprofit Arts
  • ARTEDUC 5672 Managing Cultural Policy Change
  • ARTEDUC 5673 Symposium Issues
  • ARTEDUC 5674 The Creative Sector & Creative Cities
  • ARTEDUC 5675 International Cultural Relations
  • ARTEDUC 5676 Arts Advocacy and Interest Groups

Applied Learning

One course (3 credit hours) Option chosen with permission of Arts Policy & Administration instructor.

  • ARTEDU 4998 or 4998H Creative Activity in Art Education: Undergraduate Scholarship
  • ARTEDU 4786 Arts Policy & Administration Mentorships

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