Travel Policies

In an effort to summarize specific university policies into an easy to understand document, the college has developed a series of one page policy guidelines for quick reference:

The Ohio State University has very specific rules for university business travel. If you are expecting to be reimbursed from the department, or you have applied for and received external funds for travel, you must set up a T-number at least two weeks in advance of your trip. Failure to secure a T-number in advance of your trip means that you will not be reimbursed.

Before Departure

At least two weeks in advance of the trip departure date (or as soon as your paper has been accepted), email the following information:

Copy of Award Letter

If you are using another funding source, please specify what money you are intending to use. If you are applying for AAEP supplemental funding, please attach your approved File Supplemental AAEP funding 2017-2018.docx.

Budget of Trip

If you do not know the exact cost of any item, you should provide a higher rather than a lower estimated cost. You will be reimbursed your actual costs based on your receipts, to your maximum award amount. This fiscal year, the maximum department allocation for graduate students is $200. Always obtain an itemized receipt, as credit card receipts are insufficient.

Business Purpose of Trip

For example:  I will be presenting a paper at _____ (conference title), which will run from _____ (conference begin date) to _____ (conference end date).

Dates of Departure/Return

When you will be leaving and returning from your academic travel.

Destination City

This is the final city on your journey.

Teaching Arrangements

If you are assigned as a classroom instructor during this period, please explain what arrangements you have made to accommodate your students, and that you have obtained approval from your course supervisor. (Note: a leave of absence for research purposes beyond 1-3 business days during class time will not generally be approved). For example: "At-home assignments for Carmen sent to students in lieu of class missed on 1/14/14." If applicable, list the name of the colleague substitute.

Travel will only be paid when expenses are incurred at locations specific to the business purpose. Travel expenses to and from alternate vacation destinations while on business travel are not eligible for payment. The objective of the Travel Policy is to ensure efficiency and fiscal accountability for university business travel.

The University will pay for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred for authorized business travel.

Within 30 days upon return, complete the Travel Reimbursement Worksheet [pdf], attach all original receipts, and return the items to Michelle Attias for processing.

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