Miranda Koffey

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Miranda Koffey

Graduate Teaching Associate



  • 2018, MA Art Education, Public Policy Minor, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • 2012, BA, Art History, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Miranda is a PhD candidate and artist in the AAEP department. Miranda is AAEP's 2019 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) Award winner. After obtaining her BA in Art History, Miranda taught general education, art making and art appreciation to students from preschool to teen. She has worked in nonprofits and public schools on the ground floor and has led and participated in several community arts projects in and around Columbus. While completing her MA in Arts Education, she studied critical multiculturalism in the general education preservice teacher classroom. Currently, she is studying feminist artmaking within the occult. 

Fun Fact: Miranda has fostered over 65 kittens for her local animal shelter, and sometimes they intimidate her 70 pound pitbull, Evey.

Research Interests

  • Critical race studies in art, art education, and art practice
  • Occult material culture and feminist artmaking
  • Artmaking and critical inquiry as research¬†
  • Creating narrative through and within artmaking
  • Arts and community development
  • Art, creativity and play in the general education classroom