Andrea Luque Karam

Andrea Luque Karam

Andrea Luque Karam

Graduate Teaching Associate


  • 2019, MM, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
  • 2016, BM, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Andrea is a student in the Arts Administration, Education and Policy PhD program. Andrea’s combined background in music and arts management interests have helped her succeed as an advocate for music education and she enjoys working with and for the public. She started organizing recitals in high school, with events that hosted 300 to 500 people and which reached the attention of local newspapers and TV in her Mexican hometown. She is founder and director of the project MusiCamp Mexico, where her team of teachers have positively impacted the music experience of kids and the youth that otherwise would only know music superficially. Her work in Arizona as assistant director of the contemporary music ensemble Flageolet taught her the beauty of advocating for aesthetics that are usually excluded by your nearby audience; Andrea, along with the ensemble’s director, Bruce Reiprich, worked together since 2015 to bring national and international artists that awoke the contemporary taste of more traditionally inclined students and faculty in Northern Arizona University. In 2019, Andrea was awarded the Research and Creativity award at Northern Arizona University for her orchestral score (thesis).

Fun fact: Andrea had two newspaper columns at her last university: "A-chording to Andrea" where she talked about music and the music department, and "Culture Clash," where she talked about her experiences as an international student.

Research Interests

  • Music education in Mexico
  • Politics of education in Mexico
  • Standards of high music education vs. realities of the standard student
  • Centralization and segregation in arts education
  • Overdoing nationalism in art