Admission to the BA in Arts Management

The BA in Arts Management (AM) program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of course work taken through courses offered in the departments of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, Finance, Accounting and the Arts.

Declaring the major:

As this is a new Undergraduate major, students may declare the AM major as long as they have a 2.00 GPA and have completed their pre-requisite coursework. Once the AM major reaches a point where current AM faculty can no longer support increased numbers and/or internship needs, the Undergraduate Studies Committee may develop an application process which limits the number of AM students. Typically, this would include a GPA benchmark, a Statement of Intent regarding the student's career goals, and a student resume. Students interested in the Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management program should read the PDF icon Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management 2018-2019 Handbook before applying.

The Arts Management major program guidelines:

Credit hours required: A minimum of 36
Transfer credit hours allowed: A maximum of 9
No overlap with the GE permitted
No courses may count on both the major and on the minor

Grades required:

Minimum C- for a course to be counted on the major
Minimum 2.00 cumulative point hour ration required for the major
Course work graded Pass/Non-Pass cannot count on the major

*The major program form must be filed at least by the time the graduation application is submitted to a college/school counselor.

To make an appointment with an Arts Advisor, call, email or make an appointment in person at:
College of the Arts & Sciences Advising and Academic Services Office
100 Denney Hall
(614) 292-6961 FAX (614) 247-8877