Museum Education

The Museum Education and Administration graduate program specialization is available to students enrolled in the MA in Art Education, the MA in Arts Policy and Administration, and the PhD programs.

Candidates for the specialization need to demonstrate prior knowledge in art education, art, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.

The goal of the Museum Education and Administration program specialization is to provide a broad introduction to the museum as a social institution, an educational destination, a site of both cultural transformation and continuity, and as a professional career opportunity.

Students who take this specialization will be well prepared to work within museums, use museums in their teaching, advance the work of museums, and recognize the policies and social practices that shape them.

Completion of the specialization is recognized with a transcript designation on the Ohio State transcript.


  • Art Ed 7100 Histories and Policies of Arts Education (3 hrs)
  • Art Ed 7735 Museum History (3 hrs)
  • Art Ed 7736 Museums and Teaching (3 hrs)
  • Art Ed 7748 Museum Education Practicum (3 hrs)
  • Art Ed 8191.03 Museum Education Internship