Student Organizations

Arts Priori

Art Ed Welcome Picnic

Arts Priori aims to promote and provide representative, academic, professional, administrative and social services specifically for the graduate students in the Department of Arts Administration, Education And Policy at The Ohio State University. 

In service to this purpose we have two primary goals: 

  1. To act as a bridge between the faculty and graduate student body of our department, presenting a student voice to the faculty (via both presence at meetings and by e-mail correspondence), and informing the graduate student body of important developments in a multi-media format (e-mail, Facebook, posters, etc.).
  2. To create a sense of community between our members within the department by hosting social events and programming such as gallery visits, gatherings, and exhibitions of artistic ability. This includes organizing the Marantz Award for the department.

In order to help achieve these goals, the officers take submissions from members to form committees and then support approved committees with Arts Priori's resources. This can take the form of advertising, outreach, or funding.  

2015-2016 Officers
President: Kristen Breitfeller
Vice President: Susannah Montgomery
Treasurer: Ahran Koo

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joni Acuff

Central Ohio Student Advocates for the Arts (COSAA)

2015 COSAA

COSAA is part of a national organization whose mission is to empower student voices to influence legislation and policy affecting the arts and public arts funding. Acting as a conduit, we will unify and mobilize student advocates to bring about positive change in the arts sector. We will provide a platform for students to engage in critical debate of arts advocacy issues allowing students to participate as active citizens in a democratic process.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Sanders 

NAEA Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association

The purpose of the NAEA student chapter is to raise and maintain high quality of art education on The Ohio State University campus and in the community.

2013-2014 Officers
Co-President: Emily Nelson
Co-President: Lauren Hurd
Treasurer: Shelby Gonzales

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Debbie Smith-Shank