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Autumn 2024 Course Offerings

ARTEDUC 1600: Art and Music Since 1945 (U)

A survey of the visual arts and music in the western world since 1945, based on live and recorded performances and exhibitions. Online recitations for in-class lecture. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17096TuTh 11:10 AM-12:30 PMHitchcock Hall 131Funk

ARTEDUC 2222: Arts Careers: Career Exploration & Development in the Arts (U)

Students will be introduced to a wide range of professions that involve the Arts. Students will analyze and reflect upon their personal traits and size-up the work experiences and daily routines of arts organizations, their structures, and various arts professionals. Students will explore ways for identifying and obtaining work experiences in the arts, as well as the details of job seeking. 1 credit.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
36436We 10:00 AM-10:55 AMStillman Hall 131Skaggs

ARTEDUC 2250: Introduction to Art Education (U)

Ideas, issues, and career possibilities in art education explored through readings, dialogue and site visitation. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17102TuTh 11:10 AM-12:30 PMRamseyer Hall 039wilson

ARTEDUC 2550: Introduction to Visual Culture: Seeing and Being Seen (U)

An introduction to issues of representation, spectacle, surveillance, and voyeurism, explored through a range of visual images and sites. 3 credits

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17103We 1:00 PM-3:50 PMRamseyer Hall 039Funk

ARTEDUC 2600: Visual Culture: Investigating Diversity and Social Justice (U)

A study of the artists, the artworks, and art worlds from diverse ethnic cultures in North America. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17105TuTh 9:35 AM-10:55 AMHagerty Hall 186Staff
17106WeFr 11:10 AM-12:30 PMDerby Hall 030Staff
17107TuTh 11:10 AM-12:30 PMHayes Hall 005Staff
17108TuTh 12:45 PM-2:05 PMDerby Hall 049Staff
27474WeFr 11:10 AM-12:30 PMDerby Hall 049Staff

ARTEDUC 2700: Criticizing Television (U)

A critical analysis of a wide variety of television programs through viewing, discussing, reading, and writing. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17109TuTh 9:35 AM-10:55 AMDerby Hall 049Staff
17110OnlineOnlineStoltenow Petersen
17111OnlineOnlineStoltenow Petersen

ARTEDUC 3680: Exploring the Creative Sector: Art Issues in the 21st Century (U)

Explores the relationships within the creative sector; Artistic workforce, contemporary art trends, organizational structure and variety within the industries. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
25870WeFr 12:45 PM-2:05 PMSullivant Hall 225Fazlioglu Akin

Prereq: Not open to students without credit for 2100 who are also enrolled in the Arts Management program. 

ARTEDUC 3900: Art & Curriculum Concepts for Teachers (U)

Problems of teaching in terms of personal knowledge about art, insight into children’s art work, and understanding of elementary school curriculum. 2 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17115Th 2:20 PM-4:10 PMRamseyer Hall 039Staff
25069Mo 12:45 AM-2:35 PMRamseyer Hall 039Staff

Prereq: Not open to art education teacher-candidates.

ARTEDUC 4000: Critical Pedagogies in Art Education (U)

Investigating the interrelationship of social and visual cultural issues and their impact on the curriculum and teaching practice. 3 credits.


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17117TuTh 12:45 PM-2:05 PMRamseyer Hall 039wilson

Prereq: Art Education Licensure students, or permission of instructor. 

ARTEDUC 4191: Internship 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor

ARTEDUC 4200: Curriculum and Assessment in Art Education (U)

Planning for and management of the social and physical environment of art education. 3 credits.


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
25779TuTh 9:35 AM-10:55 AMRamseyer Hall 039Patel

Prereq: Art Education Licensure students, or permission of instructor. 

ARTEDUC 4500: Clinical Experience (U)

Contact with practicum sites and collaborative work with cooperating teachers to plan and deliver instruction. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17113WeFr 10:20 AM-11:40 AMSullivant Hall 225Patel

Prereq: Art Education Licensure students, or permission of instructor. 

ARTEDUC 5470.01: Contemporary Art, Learning, and Public Practice (U & G)

This course will engage with museum studies frameworks, contemporary application, assorted texts, applied tactics, and techniques of teaching and learning and public practices in contemporary public art spaces. Students will explore the myriad ways programming, teaching, learning, engagement, curating, service, function and intersect in the museum and other public arts and cultural spaces. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
28645 (G)Fr 9:35 AM-10:55 AMWexner Center for the ArtsCuster Edwards
28646 (U)Fr 9:35 AM-10:55 AMWexner Center for the ArtsCuster Edwards

ARTEDUC 5671: Organizational Leadership in the Nonprofit Arts (U & G)

Students will be assisted in enhancing their knowledge and ability to take responsible leadership roles in non-profit arts organizations and as a major constituent of public arts agencies. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
34728 (G)Tu 10:00 AM-12:45 PMHagerty Hall 056Fazlioglu Akin
34729 (U)Tu 10:00 AM-12:45 PMHagerty Hall 056Fazlioglu Akin

ARTEDUC 5681: Black Art in America: Arts and Cultural Policies from Reconstruction to Afrofuturism (U & G)

This course takes a unique approach in how arts management, arts entrepreneurship, cultural production, and cultural organizations are studied. This is done by looking at the decisions made, and practices and policies employed, by Black Americans in the arts throughout the complex, and often problematic, history of the United States. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
36885 (G)We 5:00 PM-7:45 PMSullivant Hall 225Banner
36886 (U)We 5:00 PM-7:45 PMSullivant Hall 225Banner

ARTEDUC 5684: Arts Participation, Cultural Literacy, & Audience Development (U & G)

Building on empirical and theoretical research, this course constructs a framework to understand audience participation, understanding and reception of specific art forms. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
34793 (G)Th 12:45 PM-3:30 PMSullivant Hall 225Goldberg-Miller
34792 (U)Th 12:45 PM-3:30 PMSullivant Hall 225Goldberg-Miller

ARTEDUC 5795: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education (U & G)
Populism and Cultural Policy. 3 credits

In this course, students will delve into the emergence and proliferation of far-right populism across Europe. Through critical analysis, participants will explore how far-right governments utilize cultural policies as tools to advance their political agendas and shape their ideological narratives. We will investigate the underlying factors fueling the rise of populism and its repercussions on cultural and social policies, particularly in areas such as immigration, identity, de-democratization, and xenophobia.

Moreover, students will actively engage in research through the Diplomacy Lab, an initiative hosted by the Mershon Center at Ohio State University. This program gives invaluable opportunities for students to collaborate on real-world research projects in partnership with U.S. embassies and the Department of State, fostering a deeper understanding of global affairs and diplomatic processes.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
37489 (G)Tu 2:00 PM-4:45 PMDulles Hall 012Fazlioglu Akin
34788 (U)Tu 2:00 PM-4:45 PMDulles Hall 012Fazlioglu Akin

ARTEDUC 5795: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education (U & G)

Global Indigenous Arts: Education for Settlers. 3 credits.

Indigenous visual artists, filmmakers, poets, and musicians, from the Sámi of Scandinavia to the Alutiiq of Alaska, the Mapuche of Abya Yala to the Bunun of Taiwan, from the Anishinaabe of Turtle Island to the Xhosa of South Africa, are creating some of the most compelling and challenging works of art today. Supported by a growing network of Indigenous curators, scholars and educators, Indigenous artists both celebrate and maintain their cultural specificity within a global framework of shared Indigeneity. Yet this flourishing of Indigenous arts takes place within the deeply conflicted historical and political contexts of colonialism, including structures of settler colonialism, that actively erases Indigenous peoples, extracting value from their land and cultural traditions. How, then, can an appreciation for the transformative work of contemporary Indigenous artists be reconciled with the traditional settler position of exploitation and appropriation? 

This seminar directly grapples with the problematic position of the settler by combining decolonial arts education theory, international solidarity movements, and the practice of participatory curriculum development. We will not only challenge and unlearn entrenched models of arts education, grounded in settler colonial histories and legacies at work in the institutions of the university and the museum, but also co-create a new form of solidarity-focused arts education curriculum in dialogue with the generative, constellatory syllabi of Indigenous artist-projects, exhibitions, and educational frameworks. Together we will begin to create a new curriculum focused on solidarity and accomplice building in the arts, forging an anti-colonial approach to settler education. We will learn tools for standing with, giving back, through non-extractive methodologies based in ethical practices and relation building for opening doors, while also stepping back.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
34790 (G)WeFr 12:45 PM-2:05 PMDenney Hall 207Fletcher
34791 (U)WeFr 12:45 PM-2:05 PMDenney Hall 207Fletcher

ARTEDUC 7000.10: Concepts, Theories, and Issues in Art Education (G)

Review of analytical reading and writing; overview of topics for art education research; graduate faculty research; national and international issues; research resources. Must be taken during the first year of graduate study. 2 credits. 


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructorSession
17114Tu 4:30 PM-7:15 PMSullivant Hall 225Richardson7-week session 1

ARTEDUC 7000.20: Concepts, Theories, and Issues in Arts/Culture Policy (G)

Review of analytical reading and writing; overview of topics for arts policy & admin. research; graduate faculty research; national and international issues; research resources. Must be taken during the first year of graduate study. 2 credits. 


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructorSession
27469Tu 4:30 PM-7:15 PMSullivant Hall 225Goldberg-Miller7-week session 2

ARTEDUC 7200.20: Overview of Research Planning for Arts Policy & Administration (G)

Introduction to a range of research resources and methods applicable to APA students including historical, case studies, surveys & interviews. Using the literature to frame research questions, build a conceptual framework and inform research plan. 3 credits.


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
29387Th 4:30 PM-7:15 PMSullivant Hall 225Bourgeois

ARTEDUC 7300: Introduction to Teaching Arts Education at the College Level (G)

Many graduate students aspire to careers as university professors but never receive training for the principal task they will face: teaching college classes. This course is designed for graduate teaching assistants in the Department of Arts Administration, Education & Policy as well as for doctoral and MFA students in various areas of the arts who plan a career in higher education. Discussion focuses on a variety of professional skills, critical issues, and teaching challenges with which college faculty grapple on a daily basis. Likewise, we will consider the duality of being both a graduate student and an instructor, how those roles intersect and profoundly impact our own development as a students and researchers. How undergraduates and graduate students approach college and its purpose offer lenses through which we can further understand our own positionality. 2 credits.


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
17116Mo 2:00 PM-4:45 PMSullivant Hall 131ASavage

Prereq: New or recently reassigned ARTEDUC GTAs and new ARTEDUC fellowship students, or permission of instructor. 

ARTEDUC 7604: Teaching of Studio Activities (G)

Exploration of instructional application of various art materials for educational settings. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor

Required course for students enrolled in the Online MA in Art Education program.

ARTEDUC 7701: Contemporary Theory and Art Education (G)

Investigation of contemporary theory from an interdisciplinary perspective and the implications for art education. 3 credits. 


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
27601Tu 1:00 PM-3:45 PMSullivant Hall 225Carlisle Kletchka

ARTEDUC 7711: Designing and Writing Research Proposals (G) 

This course is designed to assist in understanding the nature and purpose of the dissertation proposal as well as the strategies necessary to conceive of it and construct it.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
34787Th 1:00 PM-3:45 PMSullivant Hall 131ASkaggs

ARTEDUC 7748: Art Museum Education & Administration Practicum (G)

An examination of the role of education in art museums through an in-depth experience in a museum setting. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
34722Fr 12:30 PM-2:50 PMSullivant Hall 251Carlisle Kletchka

ARTEDUC 7767: Critical Analysis of Multicultural Art Education (G)

Investigation and analysis of multicultural theories, issues, and practices for art education. 3 credits.

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor

Required course for students enrolled in the Online MA in Art Education program.

ARTEDUC 7795: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education (G)

Public Policy and the Arts. 3 credits. 

Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
35339We 2:15 PM-5:00 PMSullivant Hall 225/HybridNovak-Leonard

ARTEDUC 8193: Individual Studies: Field School (G)

Field School for Barnett Fellows and APA students. 2 credits. 


Class #Day & TimeRoomInstructor
27264We 12:00 PM-1:50 PMSullivant Hall 131ASkaggs, Novak-Leonard