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Summer 2021 Graduates

Congratulations to the 13 Arts Administration, Education and Policy summer 2021 graduates! As we say goodbye to these students we welcome them to our alumni - a rich and vibrant group of arts practitioners, professionals and administrators paving the future of the arts in a wide range of arts education and policy related fields.

Ohio State will host summer commencement in person on August 8th at 2:00 PM in the Schottenstein Center. Dr. Bruce A. McPheron, Professor of Entomology and Dean's Chair of CFAES International Programs and previous Executive Vice President and Provost at The Ohio State University (2015-2021), will serve as the summer commencement speaker. Visit Ohio State's Commencement page to learn more.

Ketal Patel 

Ketal Patel photo

Hometown: Worthington, OH
Degree: PhD in Arts Administration, Education and Policy
Awards and recognition:

  • 2021 Manuel Barkan Dissertation Award

Yifan Xu 

Yifan Xu photo

Hometown: Henan Province, China 
Degree: PhD in Arts Administration, Education and Policy
Specialization: Cultural Policy and Arts Management
Awards and recognition

  • 2021 Ohio State University International Leadership Scholarship
  • 2020 Ohio State University Office of International Affairs Scholarship
  • 2019 International Family Union 2019 Best Campus Leader
  • 2018 International Festivals and Events Association 2018 Arts Festival Legacy Scholarship
  • 2018 Ohio State University Council of Graduate Students Career Development Grant

What is something positive you've learned about yourself? "Although sometimes life and research might seem out of control, I can at least be in charge of how I dance when the music is on."

Xiaoxiao Bao 

Xiaoxiao Bao photo

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)

Alaiyha Bryant 

Alaiyha Bryant

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)
Who was your greatest mentor? Dr. Joni Boyd Acuff 

Alice Yu-Chin Cheng 

Alice Cheng photo

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan
Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)
Awards and recognition: 

  • 2019-2020 University Fellow 

Who was your greatest mentor? "Every peer and teacher I have met along this journey has inspired me to become a better educator, researcher, and dare I say, artist. Nonetheless, I must thank my advisor, Dr. Christine Ballengee Morris, for her guidance, patience, and faith in me." 

Meagan Guild

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)

Rachel Koral

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)

Tatiana Marion Piche  

Tatiana Piche photo

Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)
Who was your greatest mentor? "I want to thank Dr. Ruth Smith for her continuous support and words of encouragement during ARTEDUC 6998, pushing me to research and refine my inquires on how to teach the Balletic Arts much more equitably." 

Brittany Schwarck 

Brittany Schwarck photo

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)
Awards and recognition

  • 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award from The Ohio Art Education Association 

What is something positive you learned about yourself? "Through this experience I was reminded of how much I love being a learner! I have enjoyed developing lessons that engage my students as co-teachers and learners alongside me." 

Olivia Skoric

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education) 

Lauren Consolo Smith 

Lauren Smith photo

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education) 
What is something positive you learned about yourself? "The Online Master of Arts in Art Education program at OSU reignited my teaching practice with a stronger focus on creative thinking. While learning new strategies to promote creativity in my students, I stretched my own ability to think creatively as an artist and teacher. I am excited to implement the knowledge and teaching strategies I gained over the past two years in my high school classroom." 

Cassie Tirrito

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education) 

Sarah Voll

Degree: Master of Arts (Art Education)