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Travel Guidelines


The Ohio State University has very specific rules for university business travel. If you are expecting to be reimbursed from the department, or you have applied for and received external funds for travel, you must set up a T-number at least one month in advance of your trip. Failure to secure a T-number in advance of your trip means that you may not be eligible for reimbursement.

Booking Your Flight

This year, a **NEW university flight policy*** requires graduates to purchase all flights through the CONCUR system, using the university’s travel agent, Corporate Traveler Planners (CTP). This applies to all travel in which you expect to be reimbursed with university funds, such as ASC Small Grant, Ray Travel Award and department supplemental funding. Flights purchased through third-party sites such as Travelocity or Expedia or any source other than CTP will not be reimbursed. If you plan on presenting at a conference this year, visit the CONCUR website.

  1. Create an online CTP profile by following our  Directions to Update Profile on CONCUR [pdf].
  2. Be prepared to add your credit card to your profile if your expenses exceed your grant allocation.
  3. Remember to submit for your T-number one month in advance of your trip, as flights cannot be booked without an approved T-number.

Applying for Travel

To obtain a T-number and to apply for department supplemental travel funding, email Brian Javor.8@osu.edu the following materials, one month in advance of the trip departure date:

  1. Proof of conference paper acceptance (Can be a communication from the conference organizer.)
  2. Proof of external funding (ASC Small Grant award letter, Ray Travel, etc.)
  3. Supplemental Funding Form [pdf] ($200 maximum in department supplemental funds per year.)
  4. Trip Worksheet [pdf] which includes:
    1. Budget: List your flight expense first, then include other expenses only if you have funding remaining. You will be reimbursed your actual costs based on your itemized receipts, to your maximum award amount, in compliance with award stipulations. 
    2. Business Purpose: “I will be presenting a paper at _____ (conference title), which will take place in _____ (City, State) from ______ (conference begin date) to _____ (conference end date).”
    3. Please provide what arrangements you have made to accommodate your students, and confirmation that you have obtained approval from your course supervisor. Please note that a leave of absence for research purposes beyond 3 business days will not generally be approved. For example: "At-home assignments for Carmen sent to students in lieu of class missed on 1/14/14." If applicable, list the name of the colleague substitute.

Remember that travel expenses will only be reimbursed when expenses are incurred at locations specific to the business purpose. Travel expenses to and from alternate vacation destinations while on business travel are not eligible for reimbursement. All expenses must be compliant with university business expenditure policies.


Please contact Michelle Attias.1@osu.edu directly with any additional questions you might have about travel.