Dana Carlisle Kletchka co-edits, publishes Professional Development in Art Museums

June 26, 2018
Dr. Dana Carlisle Kletchka

AAEP's Assistant Professor, Dr. Dana Carlisle Kletchka, has been working hard to co-edit a book with colleague B. Stephen Carpenter, II, Professor of Art Education and African American Studies in the School of Visual Arts at Penn State University. We are happy to announce that this book, Professional Development in Art Museums: Strategies of Engagement Through Contemporary Art, was recently published!

In this innovating anthology, Carlisle Kletchka and Carpenter have compiled translations and examinations of theory and practice at the intersection of collaborative professional development, art museums, and contemporary art.

Professional Development in Art Museums explores the research and practice of professional development for preK-12 teachers in art museums, with emphasis on curricular possibilities, conceptual considerations, historical precedents, learner-centered teaching, critical teaching strategies, and communities of practice. To this end, a diverse group of art educators and art museum educators add to a growing body of knowledge about the purposeful reflections and dialogues, inspiring curricula, and innovative pedagogies that inform professional development experiences in art museum contexts. Three sections fill this book with examples, strategies, and possibilities for educators interested in enriching teaching and learning in conversation with the art and issues of our times.

Pat Villeneuve, Professor and Director of Arts Administration in the Department of Art Education at Florida State University is quoted as saying, "This book has all the raw material to foster a thorough reconsideration of how museum educators and teachers are prepared to work together. The chapters are diverse, reflecting the ideas of museum practitioners, scholars, and others; their content is well informed through research, evaluation, and the latest ideas in theory and practice."

The book can be purchased online or by calling 800-299-8321. NAEA members can purchase the book for $42, the cost for non-members is $49. The ISBN is 978-1-890160-70-8.