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"The Online Master’s program has been very instrumental in my journey in becoming a more creative and well effective teacher. The assignments and discussions are insightful, thought provoking and practical. And, the overall learning experience is amazing. What I admire the most is the practicality and relevance of the program. I am already implementing some of the strategies and recommendations in my lessons and as a result my lessons are more engaging and enriching for my students.” (Nicole Winter, visual arts teacher at Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls in Kingston, Jamaica) 

“One of the best things that I am noticing is that it doesn't change things to a huge degree. I don't have to change everything I am doing but rethinking how and why I am doing the things I am already doing.  One thing I have really enjoyed out of the program has been the ideas on creativity and play. I have been using a lot of these ideas already but it has been really great to have the theory and research at my fingertips. When I am asked to write explanations and justifications, I have found that I can talk much more fully about what I am doing and more importantly why I am doing it.” (Gregory Lawrence, Digital Art Teacher at Watkins Middle School in Southwest Licking Schools, Pataskala, Ohio)

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Students blog throughout the program, a way to share their journey through the Online Master’s with colleagues, friends, faculty, and students.

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History of the Online Program

The Online Master of Arts in Art Education at Ohio State is the first and premier online art education offering in the United States. It started as a mostly online master's (2002-2013) and relaunched as a totally online program in 2016. The program has served art(s) educators teaching in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, community arts centers, museums, residential facilities, and colleges and universities. Graduates of the program routinely describe their experience as transformative. They have described such changes as a greater depth of meaningful teaching practices and personal art making; increased engagement with the local community; and an infusion of globally enhanced curriculum, exposing their students to a breadth of cultural practices through art.

Testimonials from Mostly Online Master's graduates:

Katie Hatch from Art Education at Ohio State on Vimeo.

Corey Aumiller from Art Education at Ohio State on Vimeo.

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