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January 2020 Spotlight on Morgan Green

Morgan Green, BAE 2010 and MA 2012, is Director of Community Experience @sketchbookskool. Morgan is joining the Barnett Center on January 31, 2020 to share her story and lead "See Yourself Here: A Portrait Party and Community Exchange." In preparation for her event, Morgan completed the quick questionnaire and video below:

  1. Name: Morgan Green
  2. Where do you come from? Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. Cat person/dog person? Dog!
  4. How did you connect to Ohio State? I came to Ohio State for the Art Education program because originally I wanted to be an art teacher. 
  5. What’s your agenda of the Event on January 31 for the Barnett Center? This event is going to be a hands-on workshop in which we partake in a Portrait Party. This will involve looking at ourselves and our peers and collaborators a little differently and making art of course!
  6. Do you sketch? Could you please tell us something about your school? I do! I love drawing and have really embraced it as a way to document my life, from the mundane and little everyday things to the bigger milestones and events too. It’s really given me a way to live my life in a creative and curious way and interact with my surroundings in a different way. This spirit is exactly what we promote at Sketchbook Skool. We want the world to draw, and live authentically with us!

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